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Where & When: Unless stated, all events start at 8pm and are held at the Coffeehouse in the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center in Madison. Directions, parking and bus information. For updates due to weather, please contact us.

Admission is $2 for Hog members and $3 for non-members. Admission pays the rent. Scheduled performers play for your tips in our ceramic piggy bank, affectionately named Phill-up the Pig. We recommend tips should not be silver, but should be what you truly feel the chance to listen to live folk music was worth to you. Special events and dances have higher admission fees.

Open Mike is available for walk-in's between the two scheduled sets. Sign up at the door when you arrive. Expect to do one to three songs. If more than one person sign's up, you may be asked to limit the number of songs to less than three. Open Mike performers are not paid and do not share the tips left in Phill-up. Open Mike is a great way to try out a new song or to perform for the first time on a stage.

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 Upcoming Events as of Thu, 30-Mar-2017 (last updated Thu, 9-Mar-2017 7:31 am). Past Events here.
Fri, 31-Mar-2017
8:00 pm (2:00 hrs)
Common Chord
Tracey Jane Comer, Michael Bryant and friends present an evening of music from swing to folk and lots in between. They offer a variety of originals and unique covers, including lots of vocal harmonies and a number of instruments, mostly with strings. More at traceyjanecomer.com
Fri, 7-Apr-2017
8:00 pm (2:00 hrs)
Mad City Jug Band
This band has been around about eight years, playing the music they love. Forever pleasing audiences, they are on a mission to preserve the classic jug band music of the early 1900ís as well as hits from the 1960ís revival. Expect blues, rags and a lot of upbeat music.
Fri, 14-Apr-2017
8:00 pm (2:00 hrs)
The Ramona Tribute
Our longtime and beloved volunteer Ramona Johannes passed away last October. She loved folk music and is remembered for her kindness to others. Performers will include Peter and Lou Berryman, Lisa Johnson, Skip Jones, Stephen Lee Rich, John Duggleby and others. They are all performers whose music Ramona loved and who in turn loved and respected Ramona.
Sat, 15-Apr-2017
2:00 pm (2:30 hrs)
Join us for some lively song sharing and sing-a-longs. Bring music and stringed instruments. This is a free event, but Phill-Up the Pig will be there to accept donations.
Fri, 21-Apr-2017
8:00 pm (2:00 hrs)
Roxanne Neat
Since 1974, Roxanne has performed traditional and contemporary folk music and ballads, accompanying herself on guitar. She draws from Appalachian, Scottish, Irish and English traditions. Roxanne performs original songs and those of her favorite singer-songwriters. She has entertained audiences in coffee houses, colleges, libraries, schools, and house concerts and is a Hog veteran.
Fri, 28-Apr-2017
8:00 pm (2:00 hrs)
Milkhouse Radio
Milkhouse Radio is a Madison string band, specializing in bluegrass, but ringing the rafters with country, blues and fusion covers of whatever strikes them right. Their wide range of vocals is accompanied by banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass. Their names (in alphabetical order) are Brad Astor, Scott Baumann, Michael Farnsworth, Jen Clare Paulson and Bruce Stein.

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